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  • Assignment 1 - Part 2: Programming Assigment

    CS 585 HW 1 9/14/16

    Problem Definition

    The goal is to familiarize ourselves with programming with images. Program takes image of our face and manipulates it in some way and outputs the processed face image.

    Method and Implementation

    Converted the image to grayscale and also to binary using opencv function cvtColor

    Converted the image to grayscale using opencv cvtColor function. Converted the grayscale image to binary with threshold of 100.



    Source Image Result Image

    Credits and Bibliography

  • http://docs.opencv.org/2.4/doc/tutorials/imgproc/gausian_median_blur_bilateral_filter/gausian_median_blur_bilateral_filter.html#smoothing
  • Gautam Bhat Cristina Estupinian