Analiese Dodd

Analiese Dodd
Class of 2021
English Major

Short Bio

I grew up in a small suburb in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. It was a wonderful life, and I enjoyed growing up in such a friendly neighborhood. After attending high school I decided I wanted a change from a small town life. I came to Boston University to study English Literature and live in a big city. I have come to greatly enjoy this new chapter in my life an believe everyone should try something new for college.

Activities and Interests

Activities My Involvement Link to Organization
Choir I've been involved with singing since I was young, and even though I'm not in a group here at BU I still find any excuse to belt my hear out. School of Rock Singing Lessons
Photography I started taking pictures in high school and have enjoyed it ever since. I've never been very good at drawing or art so photography gave me an outlet to express my artistic ability. My Photo Blog
Writing Writing is my true passin and what I hope to do with my life after college. I started creative writing in middle school and it always helped me express myself when I was to afraid to say it out loud. The Beacon