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Ally Gurrola
Class of 2020
Political Science

Short Bio

Ally Gurrola was born and raised in Los Angeles county, California. There are many museums and amusement parks in Southern California, such as Disneyland and Six Flags Magic Mountain. These were basically Ally's backyard growing up. Disney movies were always playing at home and at night there would be Queen music playing softly from the stereo. It was a fun kind of lullaby for a growing kid. In a Spanish-English household, some words would be spoken in Spanish while the rest fell on English. They have two younger siblings, a brother, 9, and a sister, 12. Ally graduated from a private high school in 2016.

Ally is a senior studying political science at Boston University. Two semesters were used as study abroad opportunities in London where Ally maintained an internship with a British law firm. As a part-time job, they also work as a barista at the Starbucks inside the George Sherman Union (GSU) at Boston University. Their favorite drink is the Chai Tea Latte.

Activities and Interests

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Joined the Taekwondo PDP at Boston Unviersity as a sophomore and later joined the FitRec club. Ally participated in several tournaments around the East Coast, involving sparring and poomse (poom-say), a series of basic attack and defense movements put together in a preset pattern and performed against imaginary opponents. With a group of two others, Ally received a bronze medal in sparring at the Vermont tournament.

There continues to be a Taekwondo club on campus for any interested person.

Currently, Ally holds the rank of green belt.



Played soccer since childhood through the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) and up into high school. Ally prefers to play the position of forward or keeper (goalie). Scoring goals are a ton of fun, especially the creative goals. Two goals have been scored using the head.

Despite being a forward, Ally has played one full season as a keeper and trained on the go. No more than two goals were scored on Ally that season.

Through high school, Ally continued playing soccer as a midfielder, flanking the field and providing assists.

Down the line, Ally also became a certified referee overseeing soccer games for children under 12 years old. In city local AYSO region, the training for becoming a referee was 8 hours straight. These training lessons have since been moved online.



Ally enjoys attending plays and performing on stage as well as playing improv games.

Some plays of interest include Hamlet, Twelth Night, and A Christmas Carol. Growing up, Ally watched several performances of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. In 2018, Ally watched Robert Ike's Hamlet starring Andrew Scott at London's Harold Pinter Theatre.

Performing is also good fun. There's nothing better than performing live in front of an audience. In another life, perhaps Ally would have pursued a career in theater.


Visual Arts

Art is a wonderful medium and outlet for intelligent and social expression. Design could be as fine and detailed as anatomy practice or as expressive as the colors in an abstract piece.

Ally joined the intro to art class for non-majors to explore the visual arts department at Boston University. Previously, Ally had only drawn as a hobby. These classes certainly improved on existing art skills with regards to perspective and values.