Armaan Israni

Armaan Israni, Concentrating in Finance and Information Systems, Class of 2023

Short Bio

My name is Armaan Israni. I was born in North New Jersey in 2001.
Throughout my childhood I lived in New Jersey, although I did move to a
different town in 2009. I chose to study at BU because of the amazing
education it offers at the Questrom School of Business. Furthermore, I
chose to come to BU because of the opportunities and doors it opened for

Activities and Interests

Actvity Image Activity Description Activity Link
Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport. Featuring 20 of the best drivers in the world, it is the most competitive form of motorsport in the world. I have had a passion for F1 for a few years now, and my favorite driver is Sebastian Vettel, driver for Scuderia Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel is a 4 time world champion, and inspires me to do my best everyday. In 2018, I attended American Grand Prix (race) in Austin, Texas. It was amazing. I have found many friends who share my love for F1 here at BU. A link to Formula 1
Since middle school, I have had a passion for stocks and investing in various exchanges. Throughout middle school and high school I had done paper trading, which is trading with fake money using real time data from exchanges. I now invest in various markets and am very interested in researching financial information about different companies in order to invest better. A link to New York Stock Exchange
During my freshman year of high school, I built my first desktop computer using various pc parts at a much more affordable price than the retail equivalent. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with upgrading and optimizing my pc more for my tasks. One of my favorite websites to customize PCs and estimate the performance and cost is from the company PC Part Picker. A link to PC Part Picker
Another one of my favorite passtimes is to study U.S. history and its involvement in international relations. I deeply respect those who served for our country and risked their lives for ours. I also find the varying policy implementations of different Presidential administrations very fun to learn about.The picture on the right is of the U.S.S. New Jersey, which is the most decorated battleship in U.S. naval history. The ship is on display and available for touring in New Jersey. A link to U.S.S. New Jersey