Zhen Xie

Zhen Xie class of 2019 Business

Short Bio

I grew up in Shenzhen China, and I am studying business at BU.

Activities and Interests

Name Description Link
Lock Honorary Society All of our members serve as tutors and also take part in community service initiatives in the greater Boston area Our members not only strive for academic excellence, but also act as leaders beyond the classroom Our members have a strong desire to help others succeed and want to share their knowledge with their peers Link
China Development Student Think Tank (CDSTT) an international organization headquartered in Syracuse, United States, dedicated to the goal of promoting intellectual, cultural and social activities for American and Chinese collegiate scholars, students, and other interested parties. Link
Undergraduate History of Art & Architecture Association organize some great activities, such as museum visits, a trip to New York City, and guest speakers. We hold career advising sessions to help those interested in an art-related career decide what to do and how to do it. Link