Agata Lubas

Hi! My name is Agata Lubas.
My class year is 2020.
I am a Business Administration major concentrating in Information Systems and Operations.

Short Bio

I was born in Queens, NY and I grew up in Long Island, NY. I have a younger sister and a cat named Mia. I am in the Questrom School of Business studying Information Systems and Operations. After I graduate from BU in May, I hope to return to NYC and work in consulting for a few years before pursuing an MBA.

Activities and Interests

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I love to ski and I have been doing it for 7 years. I enjoy skiing with my dad (pictured left with me) and my sister, and we try to go together when I am home for winter break. I have only skiied on the East Coast, but one day I would love to ski in Colorado or Utah. One of my favorite ski resorts is Okemo Mountain in Vermont.
Here is a link to Okemo Mountain


I love hiking, especially when there is a nearby beach or waterfall involved. My family enjoys short hikes together on vacation, and I like to do longer, more intensive hikes when I am with my friends. I really enjoyed hiking in Sydney when I studied abroad there, especially at Royal National Park and the Blue Mountains.
Here is a link to Royal National Park in Sydney


When I have free time, I love to read books. My favorite genre is mystery, and I especially like Agatha Christie (but I might be biased because we have the same name).
Here is a link to Agatha Christie's books