Welcome to my page! My name is Andres Rodriguez, and I am a undergraduate Computer Science major at Boston University. My hobbies include watching/playing basketball, listening to music, and playing video games.

You are probably not here to find out more about my personality; you want to see my projects and accomplishments, the good stuff. Well, you can find most information about me here or on my Github. This page is just the beginning of hopefully a long career of excitement! Enjoy!



Happy Tweet is a project created to determine the emotional level of a text. It uses the Twitter API to pull in tweets from nearby accounts and calculates the appropriate emotion for the text using the Indico API.

Technologies: ReactJS, Flask, Python, Indico API (Emotion Detection), Twitter API (tweepy), Material UI from Google, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

/r/NBA Reddit Opinion Bot

Program that scrapes Reddit comments for NBA player mentions and provides a data visualization of positive to negative comments using Indico's sentiment API.

Date: September 2018

Technologies: Python, MongoDB

Switch Scraper

Scrapes the newest submissions to /r/NintendoSwitchDeals and texts the most probable deals for a Nintendo Switch to your phone!

Date: January 2019

Technologies: Python, Flask, MongoDB, HTML/CSS

Quality of Life Spotify Functions

Project with multiple functions that complete obscure tasks when managing a Spotify account e.g. removing songs from playlists that are not in Library. Currently a work in progress.

Date: September 2018

Technologies: React, Python, etc.


This section is for random photos that I would like to display. It is under construction.