Hyuckjin Sohn

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Hyuckjin Sohn, Class of 2022, Undecided

Short Bio

I was born in South Korea, Cheonan. Then, I moved to Canana when I was about 10.

I lived in London, Ontario for about 2 years until my family moved to New Jersey where I grew up until I moved to Boston. I lived in a small town in New Jersey called Allendale where I couldn't go anywhere without a car.

I still haven't decided what I want to major in. But I am interested in buisness.

Activities and Interests

My Hobby Short Description of My hobby Link to the Group or Organization
I like to listen to music especially Hip Hop I go through spotify to find new music This is a link to the BU Hip Hop Club
Cooking I watch random recipe videos and try to recreate them This is a link to the website where I like to use.
Games I like to play ps4 This is a link to the BU video game club.