Andrew Burke: About Me

Andrew Burke

Andrew Burke, Class of 2021, History Major

Short Bio

I grew up in Chicago, Illinois. I am studying history at BU with a focus on the Medieval and Classical periods.

Activities and Interests


I am an avid pleasure reader, and, when invested, can read multiple novels in a single week. While my favorite genre is epic fantasy I have also been known to read sci-fi, historical fiction, and the occasional noir novel. As a youth, I participated in the Chicago Public Library Summer Reading Program both as a participant and a volunteer. Here is a link to the Chicago Public Library .


I love baking deserts and breads of all shapes and sizes. I began to bake semi-regularly in 2017 and never looked back. I'll admit, I have struggled from time to time, especially with some egg based custard deserts, but I have actually grown quite proficient at baking. My crowning achievements were my semlor, a traditional Swedish Fat Tuesday bun filled with almond and custard. Here is a link to the amazon page of the first cookbook I ever had, the Desert Bible.

Tall Ships

While I am embarassed to say it, my interest in tall ships did begin with the Pirates of Carribean films. I was Jack Sparrow on Halloween for two years in a row. However, I have grew up just a little bit and became less interested in pirates and more interested in the ships themselves. I have read a lot of nautical fiction, and have used one of my few days in England when I visited to travel full across the country so I could see the naval museum on the HMS Victory. Here is a link to the Victory.