Christina DeSimone

Name:Christina DeSimone
Class Year: 2019
Major: Accounting and Information Systems

Short Bio

I am a senior at Boston University studying Accounting and Information Systems. I am fulfilling the 150 credit requirement to earn my CPA in Massachussetts. I grew up in Queens in New York City, but I will be working in Boston full-time after graduation.

Activities and Interests

Activity Description Links to learn more
Visiting Museums I enjoy going to different museums throughout New York City. There is always a new art exhibit popping up and they are usually free to check out. I find unique places to visit every weekend. For example, did you know you could visit Edgar Allan Poe's cottage in the Bronx? Check out unique museums here!
Hiking I love going on hikes in New York as it's a great workout that doesn't make me feel like I'm exercising. Everyone thinks New York City only has congested streets filled with cars and people, but there are some lovely nature filled areas to hike in. Check out places to hike in New York City here!
Watching Movies My favorite way to relax after a crazy week is to watch movies. I find tv shows to be too much of a commitment, but movies are a nice escape from reality. I'm currently trying to watch all movies on the IMDb top 250 list! Have you seen all of the movies on the IMDb top 250 list?