Ciaran Mahon

Ciaran Mahon | Class of 2020 | Applied Mathematics & Business Administration

Short Bio

Hello there! Welcome to my page. I am a senior (sorta) at Boston University studying Applied Mathematics, Business, and Computer Science.
I was born in Manchester, New Hampshire/ I love traveling, learning new languages, trying new foods, and playing outside!

Activities & Interests


I am the CEO of an online SaaS company called We provide Innovation Centers with the tools and education needed to help inexperienced entrepreneurs create successful ventures. Beyond this first company, I am involved with a number of innovation spaces and
entrepreneurship programs.


Here's a link to my company website:

Here's a link to the Entrepreneur's Club: E-Club


New Hampshirites are not born in hospitals - we are born on hiking trails. Ever since I was kid I can remember hiking with the rest of my family. In NH we have the white mountain range with over 48 four thousand footers. I have hiked about 20-25 of these mountains in my life and even completed a 26 mile, 9-peak hike in a single day when I was 18.


White Mountains

Mount Washington


I love to read! It is one of my favorite activities and I try to read every single day. I often find myself burried in history and business books, but also classic novels. Something I've been reading lately is science fiction as well. My current book is about genghis khan and how the mongol empire expanded from a single tribe to global power, and the next one up is Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


Genghis Khan

Hitchhiker's Guide