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Tianyi Chen loves eating, cooking and playing __(there are a lot so I can't list all of them, fill in whatever you think may be correct). He dreams to be a professor teaching some tough math but the reality is pushing him towards a research scientist/software engineer with higher salary. You can't imagine how naive and shy he is so treat him NICE!

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Short Bio

Tianyi Chen is a phd student from Boston University advised by Babis Tsourakakis. He got his Master degree in computer science from Boston University in Jan 2019. Prior to that, he earned his bachelor in Software Engineering from Xi'an Jiaotong University, China. His researches mainly focus on data mining, graph mining and machine learning.


Finished internship at Google MTV. - 08/2020

Start PhD in BU! - 09/2019

Finished internship at Google MTV. - 08/2019




Email: ctony AT bu DOT edu