Cedric Wille

About Me

  • Cedric Wille
  • Computer Science
  • Class of 2020

Short Bio

My name is Cedric Wille, I'm a senior studying Computer Science at Boston University. I was born in Boca Raton, Florida. I am a Belgian / American dual citizen.

Activities and Interests

I love lifting weights and doing cardio exercise. In high school I was on the rowing team for one year and the olympic style weightlifting team for 3 years.
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Flying Airplanes
I flew an airplane for the first time on spring break during my junior year of college. In August 2019 I received my Private Pilot License. Flying airplanes is a whole lot of fun.
Federal Aviation Administration
Video Games
I've been a big fan of video games my entire life after growing up and watching my older brother play. Some of my favorite game franchises are Hitman, Age of Empires, Super Mario, and World of Warcraft.
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