Hi, My name is Yuting Zhang and my English name is Dana. Currently I am an assistant professor at Allegheny College after I graduated from Boston University in August 2006. Please visit my webpage at Allegheny College for more information.

I grew up in a small county in Anhui Province, China, but I had been living in Beijing for 8 years. I got my bachler degree in 1997 and my master degree in 2000 from University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB). And then I worked as a lecturer in CS department for one and half year.

On Aug. 21, 2001, I came to the United States, and began to pursue doctor degree in computer science at Boston University. During my Ph.D study, I have been working with Prof. Richard West and Azer Bestavros on resource management in computer systems. After five years of hard work, I finially defensed my thesis on Aug 4, 2006, and got my official diploma in Jan, 2007.