Daniella Natale

This is my first web page.

Thank you for coming to read it!

Who am I?

Heres a picture of me Info
Name: Daniella Natale
Class Year: 2020
Major: Psychology

Short Bio!

A little bit about me.
I grew up in Long Island New York, so I am very much an outdoors loving person.
There is nothing more I love in love then the ocean and my family and of course my dog!
At Boston University I am a senior studying Psychology with a minor in Deaf Studies.

Activities and Interests

Heres a photo of my activity A bit about my activity Links to activity organizations
Activity: Cooking
One activity I enjoy most is cooking.
This is a photo of my family and I attending a bread making class in France.
At home I like to cook differnt and exciting recipes I find online for my friends and family.
A link to Tasty
Activity: Listening to music.
One activity I enjoy doing is writing/listening to music.
This is a photo of my boyfriend and our friend recording an album at
a studio in upstate New York.
Some of my favorite artists are Lana Del Rey,Fleetwood Mac, and Led Zeppelin.
A link to The Studio
Activity: Going green.
One activity I am slowly implementing into my life is going green.
I am in the works of slowly chaning my life to be plastic free.
This is a photo of an aluminum water bottle I recived at a pop up plastic museum in NYC.
A link to The Museum