Debajyoti Bera
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
IIIT-Delhi, India
Ph.D. (2010), Boston University, USA B.Tech. (2002), IIT-Kanpur, India
Contact: @
Office phone: 011-26097442
Office address: IIIT-Delhi Library building 3rd floor, NSIT Campus Azad Hind Fauz Marg Sec-3 Dwarka New Delhi, India - 110075
Permanent address: 84B/9 Dum Dum Cossipore Road Aikatan Abasan Near Ajoynagar Kali Mandir Kolkata, West Bengal India - 700074
  • Aug 2012: Guiding Monalisa Jena (Ph.D.) on Rank Similarity Metrics
  • Aug 2012: Teaching CSE320/520 (Advanced Algorithms) in Monsoon 2012
  • Aug 2012: Guiding Akash Vanjani (B.Tech.) on Classroom Scheduling
  • Jan 2012: Teaching CSE523 (Probability in Computing) and CSE524 (Theory of Modern Cryptography, co-instruct with Somitra Sanadhya)
  • Jan 2012: Guiding Pranav Raj (B.Tech.) on Combinatorial Games
  • Dec 2011: Attending ICISS 2011 (Kolkata)
  • Aug 2011: Video lecture at IIT-Delhi as part of MHRD project on Introduction to Quantum Computing
  • Jul 2011: Guiding Anuj Saxena (Ph.D.) on Location-Privacy in Location Based Services

FOSS Involvement:I started using GNU/Linux at IIT in 2000 (for the sake of brevity I will write Linux to mean GNU/Linux). Redhat Linux (now Fedora Core) was used at our computer center but soon I moved to Mandrake Linux (now Mandriva Linux). The love thus started is not over yet. I am still using Mandriva Linux.

Like many other FOSS believers, I was highly motivated by Eric S. Raymond's Cathedral and the Bazaar when I read it in 2001. I wrote my first FOSS software and released it under an open source licensed soon after.

Over the years, the developer's itch bothered me several times. This resulted in several new softwares that I wrote. Some of these are not relevant anymore; but in their days some of them were even included in some Linux distributions.

Since 2005 I am involved with the Beagle project, the first desktop search service for Linux. Since 2006 December, I lead the development of the project and I am also one of the maintainers of the Beagle project. I also wrote several softwares related to Beagle and released them under open source licenses.

Other than the projects mentioned above, I have also contributed to numerous other open source projects, including bug-fixes and new features.

I was a mentor for the Beagle project for Google Summer of Code in 2007.

Primary areas of research interest: computational complexity theory, quantum computing, algorithms (esp. in networking & databases), theoretical aspects of security & privacy

Reports and Publications

Talks and Presentations

Current Students

Ph.D.: Anuj S. Saxena (co-guide Vikram Goyal), Monalisa Jena
B.Tech. Project: Pranav Raj, Akash Vanjani
My Erdos number is 4.

I feel comfortable teaching theoretical Computer Science courses, both undergraduate and advanced. The advanced courses stress on formalism and rigorous analysis, whereas, the introductory courses

Assistant Professor at IIIT-Delhi (since Jan, 2010)

Many of these courses were also designed by me.

  • CSE222 - Analysis and Design of Algorithms (Undergraduate Algorithms)
    Taught in Winter 2010, Winter 2011, Winter 2012. Latest course website
  • CSE320/CSE520 - Advanced Algorithms
    Taught in Monsoon 2010, Monsoon 2012.
  • CSE523 - Probability in Computing
    Taught in Monsoon 2011.
  • CSE524 - Theory of Modern Cryptography
    Taught in Monsoon Winter 2012.

Teaching Fellow at Boston University (2003 to 2009)

I formally got involved in teaching as Teaching Fellow for various courses at Boston University since 2003. I enjoy teaching both introductory and and advanced courses. Introductory classes require a lot of patience and I enjoy the challenge of explaining completely new concepts to students. On the other hand in the advanced classes I am mostly acting as a tutor helping the students who get stuck. Students and professors like me alike for my services. I was awarded The Best TF award in the Computer Science department in 2007 by the College of Arts and Science (CAS), Boston University. Following are some of the courses which I oversaw as TF (many of them multiple times).

  • CS111 - Introduction to Computing, both C++ and Java
  • CS112 - Data Structures
  • CS113 - Combinatoric Structures (Introductory Discrete Mathematics)
  • CS235 - Algebraic Algorithms
  • CS237 - Probability in Computing
  • CS330 - Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms (Undergraduate Algorithms)

GMD-IPSI: I was a summer intern during the summer of 2001 at GMD-IPSI (later merged with Fraunhofer IPSI) in Darmstadt, Germany. There I worked for the OASYS group on the project Teachware on Demand. Teachware on Demand tries to solve the courseware management problem where courses are taken by students, written by authors and tagged by editors. The system allows each group to work independently and allows efficient tagging to create courses from smaller concepts. I was responsible for developing the intermediate web architecture using SOAP. I also did some theoretical work on integrating LOM (Learning Object Metadata) and MPEGĀ­7 to allow tagging of courses in video formats.

Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd.: I worked for 5 months in 2002 after graduation from IIT Kanpur at Adobe's India R&D center in Noida, India. I was responsible for reverse engineering and parsing Microsoft office file formats to be read by Adobe applications. I really liked the work there; also, we moved to a new building when I was there which was very nice.

VMWare, Inc.: I was a summer intern during the summer of 2006 at VMWare's R&D center at Palo Alto, USA. I designed the API and implemented the required infrastructure to allow (python and other) scripts to be submitted, managed and run on virtual machines using Virtual Center. It was a wonderful experience to work at a company which was growing extremely rapidly at that time.

Roads and bends taken so far ...
  • 1980: Incubated in Kolkata
  • (1983-1984) Pre-nursery in Springdal School, Rourkela
  • (1984-1986) Pre-nursery in Olympus K.G. School, Paikpara, Kolkata
  • (1986-1990) St. Mary's Orphanage and Day School, Dumdum, Kolkata
  • (1990-1996) Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Narendrapur, Kolkata
  • (1996-1998) Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur, Kolkata
  • (1998-2002) B.Tech. at IIT-Kanpur
  • (2002) Software developer at Adobe India Private Ltd.
  • (2003-2009) Ph.D. at Boston University
  • (2010-) Assistant Professor at IIIT-Delhi