CS 105
Fall 2017

Introduction to Databases and Data Mining


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Course information

Course description
Databases are everywhere. Retailers use data about customers and purchases to increase profits. Researchers analyze genomic data to find treatments for diseases. Online music and video services use data mining to deliver customized recommendations. How does all this work? CS 105 examines how data is organized, analyzed, and displayed. Topics include relational databases and the SQL query language, the writing of programs to analyze data, the principles of data visualization, and data-mining techniques for discovering patterns in data. At the end of the course, students apply the topics they have learned to a collection of data that interests them. This course is a Math/CS divisional studies course.
David G. Sullivan, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
(see the staff page for contact information and office hours)
MWF, 1:25-2:15 pm, location TBA
All students must attend a one-hour lab session in the CS teaching lab, EMA 304.
  • Nine problem sets (30% of the final grade)
  • A final project (completed by teams of three students) (10%)
  • Exams: three quizzes (20%) and a final exam (30%)
  • Preparation and participation (10%)
Course Materials
  • Textbook: There is no required textbook for the course. We will provide detailed lecture notes and optional supplemental readings.