CS585 HW1: Basic Image Manipulation

CS 585 HW 1
Ding Jin

Problem Definition

The assignment requires three way different way to manipulate the original images.
--Grayscale image
--Blurred grayscale image
--Another way to manipulate the image(I choose to convert the image into binary

Method and Implementation

--Grayscale: I averaged the RGB value in a single color channel
--Blur: Since that every image it processed is a grayscale image, I only average the channel itself and 8 of its neighbours instead of 27 RGB values,
the functions has run 30 times until noticable blur change has been observed
--Binary: Set the threshold to 128 (0~255), compare the grayscale value(in my case, the average of RGB values) and decide if it will be 0 or 255.


Original image
Grayscale image
Blurred Grayscale image
Binary image

Credits and Bibliography

The skeleton code and the VS environment are coming from the first cs585 lab:
cs585 lab1