Dimitris Papadopoulos


I am a PhD candidate at the Computer Science Department of Boston University and a member of the BUSec group working under the advice of Nikos Triandopoulos.

My research is centered around the construction of cryptographic protocols for verifiable computation over outsourced datasets, database query authentication, and data privacy in the cloud setting. I am interested in developing schemes that are provably secure but also in bulding optimized systems that implement them. Other areas of interest span theoretical cryptography, applied network security, and economics of secure cloud computing. Before joining Boston University, I received my Diploma in Applied Mathematics from the National Technical University of Athens under the supervision of Antonios Symvonis.

During my undergraduate studies I held two internships, one in the Hellenic Statistical Authority (EL.STAT) working on seasonal analysis of financial time-series and one in Datamine Ltd. developing front-end applications for online price comparison from multiple providers. More recently, I was a research intern at IBM Research in Zurich, Switzerland, working with Dr. Christian Cachin on secure multi-client cloud applications and at Verisign Labs, working with Duane Wessels on the implementation of the NSEC5 extension for DNSSEC.