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I received my PhD from the Computer Science Department at Boston University in January 2021, where my advisor was Professor John Byers.

I am now a scientist with the Distributed Systems group at Raytheon BBN.

My core research interest is networking, with an emphasis on architectural issues, clouds, and DDoS mitigation. Here is a short bio.


An Architectural Approach for Mitigating Next-Generation Denial of Service Attacks.
Cody Doucette.
Boston University PhD Thesis. January 2021.

Judicious QoS using Cloud Overlays.
Osama Haq, Cody Doucette, John W. Byers, Fahad R. Dogar.
ACM Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT). December 2020.

A Robust Principal Component Analysis Approach to DoS-related Network Anomaly Detection.
Cody Doucette, Regan Broderick-Sander, Benjamin Toll, Aaron Helsinger, Nathaniel Soule, Partha Pal, Chong Zhou, Randy Paffenroth.
SPIE Cyber Sensing. April 2020.

Linux XIA: An Interoperable Meta Network Architecture to Crowdsource the Future Internet.
Michel Machado, Cody Doucette, John W. Byers.
ACM/IEEE Symposium on Architectures for Networking and Communciations Systems (ANCS). May 2015.

XIA: Architecting a More Trustworthy and Evolvable Internet
David Naylor et al.
ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review (CCR). July 2014.


Spring 2020    Boston University Questrom School of Business    IS 465: Managing Data Resources    Syllabus Evaluations

I also have experience in curriculum development, MOOC development and administration, and dozens of teaching assistantships over the past decade, spanning the Boston University Computer Science Department, Questrom School of Business, Harvard Summer School, and Harvard Extension School.


My current project is Gatekeeper, a fully deployable and open source DDoS mitigation system. Interested in contributing? Check out our list of "good first issues" on GitHub.


For BU or personal inquiries, you can use my BU address, where my username is doucette and the domain is

For BBN-related inquiries, you can use my Raytheon address, where my username is cody.j.doucette and the domain is