Davide Proserpio

I am a PhD student in computer science at Boston University, part of the BUSec (Boston University Security Group). I am working with Sharon Goldberg on topics realted to security and privacy. I am also working with John Byers and Giorgos Zervas on problems lying in the intersection of computer science and economics.

Personal Information

    Prior to joining Boston University, I was a research assistant at Universidad Carlos III - UC3M (Madrid, Spain) where I worked on topics related to content delivery and protection, digital identity management and network security. I obtained a Master in Engineering degree from UC3M and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain) in 2010 and a bachelor in telecommunication engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 2008.
    More information about me can be found in my CV.


  • Calibrating Data to Sensitivity in Private Data Analysis, A Platform for Differentially-Private Analysis of Weighted Datasets VLDB Version Full Version
    Davide Proserpio, Sharon Goldberg and Frank McSherry.
    To appear in Very Large Data Bases (VLDB '14), Hangzhou, China, September 2014.
    Project page

  • A (Not) NICE Way to Verify the OpenFlow Switch Specification [PDF]
    Natali Ruchansky and Davide Proserpio.
    Poster @ SIGCOMM 2013, Hong Kong, August 2013.


  • 06/14: I am currently a research intern at Telefonica Research Barcelona (Spain)!

  • 02/14: Our work on Airbnb was featured in the New York Times Bits blog, The Athlantic Cities, Boston Globe Ideas blog, Huffingtonpost and more! See above for some of the links to the articles.

  • 07/13: We were recognized by Airbnb.com for discovery of a major privacy vulnerability on their mobile site.


    Boston University
    Department of Computer Science
    111 Cummington Mall,
    Boston, MA 02215.
    Email: dproserp at cs dot bu dot edu