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Tianyang Ding Class of 2024 Economics and Mathematics

Short Bio

Hello! My name is Tianyang Ding. I am from Shanghai, China.
Shanghai is a big modern city just like Boston, but with 20 million more people.
This is my first year "at" BU. I am taking MA123, EC201, WR112, and CS108.
CS108 is the most time consuming course of all, but also a lot more fun while programming!

Activities and Interests

Image Description Links
This is my new saxophone.
I am trying to learn playing it on my own.
Learn more about saxophone
This is the user interface of a music production software Cubase.
Wanna add some autotune to your voice?
Learn more about Cubase
These are my skateboards.
I love staking. Two of them are powered by electricity. The bigger one goes up to 25mph.
Don't fall!
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