Evan Rossin

Evan Rossin, class of 2020, Questrom School of Business

Short Bio

I am a senior at Boston University studying Finance and Information Systems in the Questrom School of Business. I am originally from San Diego, CA and I am looking forward to moving back to California after I graduate from Boston University.

Activities/Interests Description Link
Soccer For as long as I can remember, I have played soccer. I currently play on the BU women's club soccer team. I love to play and also love to watch professional games as well, especially the World Cup. Visit the BU women's club soccer link
Alpha Epsilon Phi I am a member of the Alpha Epsilon Phi (AEPhi) sorority at Boston Univerisy. I joined AEPhi during my freshman year as a way to meet new people and to create a smaller community within BU. Visit the BU AEPhi tumblr link
Python I am currently enrolled in CS108 at Boston University. I am taking this class for my MIS concentration, and because I have a deep interest in coding. The major time commitment of this class has allowed my interest in python to grow greater than I had anticipated. Visit the CS108 assingment I am working on now