Erasmo Tani

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I'm a second year PhD student in Computer Science at Boston University, working under the fantastic supervision of Alina Ene and Lorenzo Orecchia. My primary research interests are Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization.

Before joining BU, I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bristol where I graduated at the top of my cohort in 2017. At Bristol, I had the chance to be mentored by several great people, including Dr. John Mackay, Dr. Ben Sach, Prof. Nigel Smart, Dr. He Sun and Prof. Bogdan Warinschi.

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Teaching and Grading

  • [CS237] Randomness in Computing (BU, Summer 2019)

    Past Grading Positions

    Computer Science

  • [CS591 E1] Advanced Optimization Algorithms (BU, Fall 2018)
  • [CS537] Randomness in Computing (BU, Spring 2018)
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    Computer Science