Jacob Frias

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Name: Jacob Frias; Class Year: 2020 (hopefully lol); Major: MIS

Short bio

I was born on the mean streets of Fort Pierce, Florida, where people start to feel
cold at 70 degrees Farenheit. I am studying MIS here at Questrom so I can earn a
sufficient stream of income when I graduate.

Activities and Interests

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This is a photo of me on top of a public sign in Amsterdam.
Ever since I was a youngster, my parents thought of it to be a great
idea to travel as a family. This picture was taken in 2016 during my
first ever visit to the Netherlands. Since then, I have traveled
throughout Europe AND Asia.
    Thank you to Amsterdam for making this trip possible.
The first half story of Neon Genesis Evangelion remains unmatched.
I have always been into Japanese art (more specifically animation).
Animes are some of my favorite types of shows to watch because of their
beautiful art direction and emotional storyboards in any given series.
God, I miss Selfridges.
Fashion has been a huge part of my life since elementary/middle school.
I'm primarily into lux streetwear, My favorite brands rn are Undercover and Rick Owens,
but I am open to new/different brands that look cool.
    A lot of my money was spent at Grailed.