Gavin Mastella

Gavin Mastella, class of 2023, Film and Television

Short Bio

I grew up in Farmington, Connecticut for most of my life. I am currently studying Film and Television here at BU.

Activities and Interests

Activity Image Activity Description Activity Organization

Creating Film

One of my favorite activities is creating film, where I record something using a video camera and turn it into something creative. I've been doing it on my own since high school but began participating in organized film production at BU.
I'm involved with the production of the Bunion webseries Pete's, which can be found here on the Bunion website.


I also love to act, particularly for theater. I began acting during my junior year of high school on a whim and discovered that I loved doing it. Even though I am not pursuing a degree in theater, I am still trying to get involved in theater in any way I can at BU.
I'm involved in the BU Stage Troupe, which can be found here.


I really enjoy playing and creating music. I've been playing the piano since I was in second grade, and I particularly enjoy making techno and jazz music. I was in a jazz band in high school, and I briefly dabbled in singing rock songs as well. However, I am not currently participating in any official music group at BU.
I am not currently participating in any groups at BU. However, one of the previous organizations I was in was the Suffield Academy Guitar Show, a link to which on Facebook can be found here.