Grace Meara, class of 2022, majoring in cellular biology and genetics

Short Bio:

Hello! My name is Grace Meara. I'm from Yorktown Heights, New York, about 30 minutes north of New York City.
I'm currently studying biology specialized in cellular biology and genetics here at BU. I'm studying this because I am on the pre-med track and really enjoy studying genetics. I am lucky enough to work in a genomics lab on the Boston University Medical Campus focusing in on cancer biology.

Activities and Interests:

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In my free time, I really enjoy working out as a form of destressing and being healthy. On campus, I work out with my club BU CHAARG, an all girl workout group that allows girls to try different forms of working out around the city of Boston.
  • Boston University CHAARG Homepage
  • I'm also a large part of Camp Kesem at BU. It's an organization on campus that puts together a camp for children whose parents and families are battling cancer.
  • Camp Kesem at BU Homepage
  • I'm a general board member of an on campus club, HeForShe, a UN women solidarity movement for gender equality started by Emma Watson. It's a great opportunity to open discussion on difficult topics and learn a lot about how to treat others with respect and kindness.
  • BU HeForShe Facebook Page