Ahmad (Sasan) Golchin

PhD Student

I have started my Ph.D. at BU since September 2017 under the supervision of Professor Rich West. I love building systems with the different point of view of treating run-time as the most valuable resource (or as professor West says "First-class" resource). Unfortunately, despite the great improvement of hardware capabilities in terms of performance and parallelism during the last decade, real-time systems are still limited to micro-controllers or single-core processors due to the fact that OSes do not provide real-time guarantees for execution of tasks on multi-cores. A system being real-time is not about how fast it generates the result but how predictable it does so!
Link to My Resume

Research Interests

Operating Systems

Real-time Systems

Embedded Systems


2017 - No one knows!

PhD - Computer Science

Boston University

United States, Boston

2014 - 2017

MSc - Computer Science

Politecnico di Milano

Italy, Milan

2008 - 2012

BSc - Computer Engineering

Sheikh Bahaee University

Iran, Esfahan


CS 210 - Computer Systems (Fall 2017)


Golchin, A., & Baraani, A. (2011, November). Wing+ Web-Application Development Framework. International Journal of Distributed and Parallel Systems (IJDPS), 2(6), 179-190.