Gavin Brown


Hello! I began my PhD in Computer Science in the Fall of 2017. My advisor is Peter Chin, leader of the LISP Group. Before that, I received my BS from Case Western Reserve University in Mathematics.

In between, I worked in data analytics consulting with Mu Sigma, Inc. and as a GRE and SAT instructor for Kaplan Test Prep.

Research and Interests

My main research is in compressed sensing for neural calcium imaging videos. I work on algorithms for a specially-designed camera that allows us to sample from pixels independently. I am also interested in optimization and machine learning.

This semester I am enrolled in Artificial Intelligence, with Margrit Betke; Natural Language Processing, with Derry Wijaya; and Large-Scale Bayesian Computation, a statistics seminar led by Yves Atchadé.


CS112 - Introduction to Computer Science II (Christine Papadakis-Kanaris). Fall 2018. Teaching Fellow.

CS542 - Machine Learning (Peter Chin). Spring 2018. Teaching Fellow.

Publications and Presentations

Chin, Sang Peter, Jonathon Cohen, Alison Albin, Mykola Hayvanovych, Elizabeth Reilly, Gavin Brown, and Jacob Harer. "A Mathematical Analysis of Network Controllability Through Driver Nodes." IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems 4, no. 2 (2017): 40:51.

Miao, Jiayuan, Gavin Brown, and Philip Taylor. "Theoretically guided design of efficient polymer dielectrics." Journal of Applied Physics 115.9 (2014): 094104.

My Resume