Gavin Brown


Hello! I began my PhD in Computer Science in the Fall of 2017. My advisor is Peter Chin. Before that, I received my BS from Case Western Reserve University in Mathematics.

Research and Interests

My research interests lie in machine learning, graph theory, and information theory and its applications to data analysis. This semester I am taking Advanced Algorithms with Steven Homer and Adaptive Data Analysis with Adam Smith. The latter is an exciting topic for me, uniting several of my interests under a single umbrella.

I am auditing Statistical Learning Theory and Applications at MIT. That class, combined with Adaptive Data Analysis, means I spend a lot of my time thinking about overfitting and model generalization. My current main research project is on time series prediction in a small data setting, which ties in well with my coursework.

In addition to my classes, I'm actively learning graph theory, with emphases on algebraic graph theory and stochastic block modeling.