Grant Shagoury

Grant Shagoury
Class of 2020, MIS and Marketing

Short Bio

I grew up in New Jersey up until 2010, when my family moved to London.
I attended middle school in London, then came back to the US for high school.
I am currently studying MIS and Marketing at the Questrom School of Business.

Activities and interests

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Tennis is a sport that originated from Paume in the 12th century
It is played with racquets and balls. I have played for 8 years.
I have never played in competition, only for fun or via lessons.
Boston Athletic Club Tennis


Photography began when cameras were invented in the mid 19th century
I have had a variety of cameras, and most recently own the Nikon D750.
Although school takes up much of my time, I try to go out and take photos occasionally.


I have read my whole life, but have a particular interest in historical
novels. With no preference to fiction or non-fiction books.
Trident Bookstore Boston