Hello, world

Hafiz Mammadov, Class of 2019, Information

Short Bio

I grew up in Azerbaijan, in city called Baku. I am studying Information Systems at BU and I want to take computer science for my Masters.

Activities and Interests

Name Of Activity Descriptions Link
Chess I Used to play chess for Azerbaijan national team, but after I came to america I could not pursue my chess career so I just visit local chess club. This is the link for Chess club
Ju-jitsu I started doing wrestling and ju-jitsu for fun in Azerbaijan. After 2 years of ju-jitsu I got blue belt. This is the link for Azerbaijan ju-jitsu club
Boxing I am also a big fan of boxing. I was boxing for 3 years before I came to boston. I am also attenting the ring boxing club in boston. This is the link for The Ring Boxing Club