hoai vo

hoai vo
class year: 2021
major: finance and information system

short bio

hoai is from vietnam. hoai first came to the States when she was 16, started studying in Minnesota as a sophomore and graduated in 2017. now, she is currently studying at Boton University, pursuing finance and IS as her concentrations. Boston University was her choice due to its well-known diversed student body as well as its name: BU.

activities and interests

description source
hoai loves listening to music. she uses SoundCloud as her main platform because most of the underrated and/or rising artists usually have their songs on Soundcloud. unlike other music platforms, Soundcloud is heaviliy made of individuals/songs who/that are not very popular, and their sounds have not yet reached the major public, but the platform itself consists of the variety of genres: edm, trap, lo-fi, soul, r&b, etc. SoundCloud
hoai loves watching series. Netflix, a well-known website to most individuals, consists a variety of series, movies, as well as documentaries. hoai's favorite series is "Lucifer", which is the original series of Netflix. in this year of 2020, it would be great that the production team can finish working on season 5 despite the COVID-19 pandemic. furthermore, the documentary "Betting on Zero" that is recommended to watch in the first business lecture of BU is also available on Netflix. Netflix
hoai loves rock climbing. health is always everyone's best interest. dealing with the workload, the people, as well as the immeasurable pressure and expectations, people tend to breakdown at some point in their lives. so, an individual has to have a way to release such negative energy, thus rock climbing is one of my solutions to such problems. climbing and bouldering through difficult routes is just very sastifying. hoai usually boulders at FitRec (BU gym) and Rock Spot Climbing (the biggest indoor climbing facilities in Boston). FitRec
Rock Spot Climbing