Dr. Ilir Capuni

Department of Computer Science
University Of New York Tirana
Kodra e Diellit, Tirana
E-mail: my_first_name + 'at' + dot-separator + 'bu' + dot-searaptor + edu

Research interests: Fault-tolerant computing, average case complexity, digital forensics and antiforensics, certain topics of synthetic and computational biology

Recent publications

  1. PhD Thesis: Fault-tolerant Turing Machine
  2. Capuni I., Gacs, P. : A Turing Machine Resisting Isolated Bursts Of Faults
    In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science,
    M. Bielikov et al. (Eds.): SOFSEM 2012, LNCS 7147,
    pp. 165--176. Springer, Heidelberg (2012)
    Journal version: Chicago Journal Of Theoretical Comuter Science, vol. 2013, number 3.
  3. M. Ozkul, I. Capuni. "An Autonomous Driving Framework With Self-Configurable Vehicle Clusters," in ICCVE 2014 Conference Proceedings, IEEE, October 2014, pp. TBD


    Homepages of courses that I teach currently at Epoka are given here. For courses that I tought in the past at Epoka go here

    I tought the following courses at BU CS Department:

Summer II 2009: Introduction to Computer Science II CS112
    Spring 2009: Combinatorial structures    CS113
    Fall     2008: Probability and computing  CS237
    Spring 2008: Theory of computing          CS332

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  • Other activities and interests:
    Scuba diving
        Information regarding S/S BRINDISI could be found here.
    Please check this site first before contacting me.
        Since I graduated and moved to Europe, I no longer teach the scuba diving classes at MIT Alumni pool on weekdays.
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