BU CAS CS 113 - Spring 2001

Teaching Fellow

Joni Alon, jalon@cs.bu.edu
Office hours: Wednesday 4-6pm, room MCS B46 or undergraduate lab when assignments are due the following day.
Office phone: 353-5227 (room MCS 207)

Lab Meeting Times

Day Time Room
Mon 9-10 ENA 304
Mon 10-11 ENA 304
Mon 12-1 ENA 304
Each of the 3 sections cover the same material each week. If you cannot make the section that you are assigned to, you may come to another one as long as a computer is available for your use.


This section contains materials related to lab sections. Reading this material is not considered a substitute for attending labs. In some cases, there will be material that you must read before ("Prerequisites") or after ("Postrequisite") labs.

Lab 1: 1/22, 1/29
Lab 2: 2/5
Lab 3: 2/12
Lab 4: 4/20
Lab 5: 2/26
Lab 6: 3/12
Lab 7: 3/19
Lab 8: 3/26
Lab 9: 4/2
Lab 10: 4/9, 4/18
Lab 11: 4/23
Lab 12: 4/30

Sample Solutions

For each assignment I will post solutions of two or three students who did a great job on their assignments (typically a score of 100).

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