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Teaching Fellow

Jonathan Alon, jalon@cs.bu.edu
Office hours: Monday 2-4pm, room MCS 144 (Math Tutoring Room.)
Office phone: 353-5227

Labs and Discussions

There are two sections: W3-4:30 and W4:30-6. Students can attend either section. Labs are held in the CAS Computer Graphics Lab, CAS 327. Discussions are held in room GCB 208.

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Sample p2 solutions: The first two are solid implementations (without concave polygon fill). The last two have the nutorious concave polygon fill working. When you take a look at the solutions, it is instructive to consider which implementation you prefer and why : which implementation is user friendly, or which one would you buy ;-), and how readable/understandable the code is?

To extract Vivian's files for example you must type:

uncompress vsalib.tar.Z
tar -xvf vsalib.tar

Thanks for the volunteers !