Janice Ng, class of 2022, Asian Studies major and Visual Arts minor

Short Bio

I was born in San Francisco, but I have lived in Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Taiwan, and Santa Barbara. I went to a co-educational boarding school for high school. I am currently registered as an Asian Studies major however I am looking to switch to something more related to art and design as there are my real areas of passion. I am also a Visual Arts minor in CFA as I hope to learn more about graphic design and digital art.

Activities and Interests

Asian Student Union Freshmen representative; Seeking for and coordinating with local and global companies to sponsor club events; Acting as a liaison between the club and the Class of 2022 by holding events to bond with our general members such as going to food outings, going to privately organized film screenings, or discussions regarding current events.
Taiwanese Overseas Students Association Creative Chair; In charge of all aspects of the aesthetic presentation of our club on social media, at our events, and when collaborating with other student organizations; Creating graphic designs for Facebook event pages and Instagram posts to help promote club events; Planning the decorations and themes for our events, and designing club apparel and merchandise.
Digital Art I just really enjoy making digital art.