James Lin

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I grew up in Southern Californa near Los Angeles. After I graduated highschool, my family moved to Las Vegas. I am a third year student at Boston University studying Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems.

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James Lin
Class of 2021
Business Administration - Information Systems

Ultimate Frisbee

The game is played with 14 people split into 2 teams evenly. The goal of the game is to move the disc endzone to endzone. When you have the disc, you can not move and must pass it to another person within 10 seconds. The opposing team plays defense by guarding man to man or creating a zone on the field. Games are played to 14-16 field goals.

I am involved in the Men's Ultimate Frisbee team at Boston University. Although fairly new to the sport, I have been on the team for about 2 years and occupy two leadership roles: Captain of the B team and Sports Information Director for the program.


Photography involves taking a camera and shooting indoor our outdoor. Subject matter depends on the photographer. There are many aspects in create a good photograph including but not limited to lighting, angles, and settings on the camera.

I recently have picked up a camera and have decided to pursue it as a hobby. At the moment my subject matter has tended to be my team at tournaments. I take highlight pictures and post them on the team's instagram.
League of Legends

League of Legends is a PC game that is free to play and download. The main mode involves 2 teams of five champions that fight on a map called the Summoner's rift. The objective of the game is to destroy the other teams base while preventing them from destroying your team's base.

I started playing League of Legends in highschool. A friend introduced me to the game and we have been playing ever since. I had a year or two hiatus due to school and ultimate frisbee but recenetly I have been picking it back up.