James Lee

James Lee, Class of 2020, Business Administration (IS, Marketing)

Short Bio Heading

Hello everyone, my name is James and I am from Taipei, Taiwan. I wanted to come to BU because I wanted to explore the east coast (in reality it is because I didn't get good offers on the west coast, but I'm glad I came here)!

Activities and Interests

Activity Description Links to Organizations/Groups
I really like cooking! Honestly I started cooking because I needed to save money during my first summer here in Boston. But I have found myself enjoying trying new recipes all the time now. Cooking
I grew up playing the saxophone. It was something that I really enjoyed when I was growing up, and I would use to have performances around my hometown too. Jazz
I enjoy playing basketball! Although I didn't grow up playing competitively, it is a sport that I always play during my free time. NBA >