Justin Messmer, Class of 2020, Majoring in Classical Civilization and Political Science

Short Bio

I was born and raised in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a small city on the southeastern seacoast of the Granite State. At Boston University, I'm studying Classical Civilization and Political Science in order to understand the ways in which our government is similar and different to various ancient governments. I long for the sweet release of graduation, or death by coronavirus. Whichever comes first.

Activities and Interests

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I participate in a wide range of activist activities at BU and within the Boston area. Through protests, town halls, and more, I have advocated for a range of issues, such as workers' rights, disability rights, etc.

BU Student Activist Union
Boston University Young Democratic Socialists

Dungeons and Dragons

I enjoy participating in Dungeons and Dragons both as a dungeon master and as a player. The activity is a fantastic creative outlet and opportunity for collaborative storytelling.

Dungeons and Dragons Website


Cooking is an incredibly interesting passtime, often providing opportunities to learn. Preparing food for the people I care about is incredibly rewarding.

Here's a link to Gordon Ramsay's website? I don't know what to give you here.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is my passion.

graphic design is my passion