John Busse's Page

Hi! My name is John Busse

John Busse
Class of 2020
Major: Biology

Short Bio:

I grew up in Buffalo, New York, which is right on the border with Canada. Currently at BU
I am finishing my last semester to earn my Biology degree. I had originally followed the
Pre-Med track for courses and planned to apply to medical school, but changed this year to
applying to law school instead.

Activities and Interests:

Activity Photo Description Link to know more
One of my longest standing interests is playing the Saxophone. I've played for 13 years and have played the Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone sax at different times. I've played with both large concert bands and small jazz groups, and even was a part of BU's pep band. A link to the Boston University Pep Band.
I've been involved with hockey almost my entire life. Some of my earliest memories are playing floor hockey and skating with my dad. I played JV and Varsity hockey in high school, played AA and some AAA travel hockey, and have coached youth hockey teams. A link to my local hockey association.
I got into playing lacrosse in high school. I wanted a sport to play during my off time from hockey and lacrosse seemed similar enough. I tried out for my high school JV team having never played before and with a couple of weeks of backyard practice. Imagine my surprise when we were told to "switch sides" and use our off hand, something I had never practiced. That said, I did make the team, and was even a team captain the next year. A link to my high school lacrosse league