Jay Ashton

Me: Info:
    Jay Ashton
    Class of 2021
    Biology Major

Short bio:

My name is Jake Ashton, but I like to go by Jay, and I grew up in Amesbury, MA.

At Boston Univeristy I study Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am

in my third year and will graduate in 2021.

Activities and interests:

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Basketball: I enjoy both watching and playing the sport of basketball.

It's a game where you throw a ball into a basket. I mostly play pick up

games with friends, or use it as a way to exercise.

Boston Sports Club

Boston University FitRec

Reading: I spend a lot of free time reading various books from all kinds of

genres since I've had the priveledge of many books being passed on to me.

Amesbury Public Library

Boston Public Library

Video Games: When I'm not studying or reading, I will usually be found

playing video games on my nintendo.

Nintendo Online Play

Twitch Communities