About Josue Pedroza

Josue Pedroza, Class of 2023, Questrom School of Business Concentration in IS with a CS Minor

Short Bio

I grew up in Los Angeles, California right near the LAX airport. I came to BU to study business administration with a concentration in information systems and minoring in computer science. I'm someone that always grew up messing around with computers and stuff, so I knew that when I came to college I would want to study technology and how it's applied in both business and other solutions.

Activities & Interests

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Tabletop Role-Playing Games

One of favorite hobbies is playing tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs), both as a GameMaster (GM) and as a Player. For those that don't know, TTRPGs are essentially games where one or more players create characters in the GM's story setting and work together to reach a goal. Think "Choose Your Own Adventure" books with more freedom. At BU, I currently run a West-Marches Style game using the Pathfinder game system with over 30 players.


Even though I've been playing TTRPGs for around 4 or so years now, I only recently got into making my own worlds and settings. When I started doing that, I found it helpful to visualize the world by drawing it out. I started by borrowing my brother's art pens and paper, then bought my own and a drawing tablet as well. I taught myself using online tutorials. Even though it's a hobby that started out of necessity for me to be able to visualize things and stay consistent, it turned into a way for me to destress and come up with new ideas for my world based on the geographies that I came up with.

Messing Around with Linux

So I don't really know all that much about the Linux operating system, but I do use it to host game servers for me and my friends. I use Linux since it's a very low-resource OS that allows me to dedicate more of the system I'm using towards what I need to do. Even though I only host game servers on Google Cloud Servers, I'm also interested in the use of Raspberry Pi machines to automate tasks and make them more efficient. My favorite use is a program called OctoPrint that allows someone to remote control their 3D Printer, but I'm also interested in other uses.