Jason Ting

Jason Ting, Class of 2023, Finance & Information Systems

Short Bio

Thank you for coming to join my page.
My name is Jason, I'm a student at Boston University studying at Questrom School of Business.
I grew up in Saudi Arabia and I was born in Malaysia. I spent most of my childhood there.
I went to highschool in western massachuessets where I attended a prepatory boarding school.

Activities and Interests

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I've been playing the guitar for close to 15 years coming this March. I've played in multiple garagebands, ensembles and even some rockbands!
I've also learned to play many types of genres including classical, rock, and jazz. I enjoy playing because it's an excellent form of expression and it's a skill I love to have
  • Here's a great website to get tabs and learn how to play!
  • I'm an avid reader and writer; I love to write/read poetry and pretty much any subject dealing with philosophy or human psychology. Personally, I have been fascinated with these subjects from a very young age. I enjoy conceptual and abstract thinking and writing provides a way for me to share my thoughts.
  • Link to my favorite book of all time
  • One of the few team sports that I actually play, I really enjoy playing a casual pickup baseball game with my friends. I've played on several teams, but I prefer playing intermintently. I've pitched for some games, but I mostly prefer to be on first base.
  • The team I used to play on