Justin Yuan

Picture Personal Information
Justin Yuan
Class of 2021
Business Administration

Short Bio

I grew up in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. I came to study at Boston University because I wanted to experience living in an urban setting, and really liked the curriculum, students, and overall atmosphere here.

Activities and Interests

Collecting sneakers

I am very interested in sneakers. I keep up to date with sneaker releases, and since coming to college, I have bought many sneakers, whether to sell or wear.
  • Nike SNKRS, a site that has caused me much joy and much frustration over the years.

Working out

I enjoy going to the gym. I started this routine senior year of high school, and ever since, I have tried to go to the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week. Working out makes me feel better physically and mentally, and allows me to indulge in my favorite foods without feeling too guilty.
  • BU Fitrec, the place at which I spend much of my time while on campus.

Cutting hair

I started off learning to cut my own hair in the months leading up to me coming to college, so I would not have to pay for a barber every few weeks. From there, I found an interest in it, and started giving my friends haircuts, both back home and in college.
  • Wahl Clippers, which is the brand of clippers that I currently use.