Hi! My name is Jiayu Zhang. I am currently a Ph.D student in Boston University, focusing on quantum computing. I have a broad interest on everything about quantum, and everything about theory, and everything about science and technology.

My advisor is Prof. Adam Smith. I got Bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua in 2016 and was admitted to Pennsylvania State University. Then I transferred to Boston University with my advisor in 2017.

This is my CV.


Papers and Thesis

Delegating Quantum Computation Using Only Hash Functions arxiv

A Study on the Periodicity of Quantum Markov Chains [Abstract] [English (advised by Prof. Mingsheng Ying)][Chinese (advised by Prof. Guiming Luo)]


Aug 22, USTC, on paper “Delegating Quantum Computation Using Only Hash Functions”



Chinese Chess(Xiangqi), Chess and Go
Chinese Chess World Federation Master
World Xiangqi(Chinese chess) Federation Open Tournament - the 3rd Place(Group)
2d level on eweiqi(an online Go platform)
Table Tennis, Piano