Said Kouiri: About Me

Said Kouiri, 2023, Molecular/Cellular Biology

Short Bio:

My name is Said Kouiri and I was born in Manhattan, New York, but grew up in the small town of Bergenfield New Jersey. I went through most of my life and childhood in Bergenfield living with my mom, dad, grandma, and uncle. I am currently studying molecular biology on a career path of nanotechnology at Boston University.

Activities and Interests:

Activity Picture Description
BU Game Club A weekly gathering group for all games ranging from role playing, fighting, shooters, arena, etc. We have multiple chats, charities, tournaments, and events that we all attend as a society that are open to all and support the competitive and casual gaming communities. I'm a member of this club and I thuroughly enjoy interacting with these people whether its through our discord chats or in person.
  • Gaming Club's Twitter: here.
  • Swimming I had been compeitively swimming since I was just 7 years of age, but due to the team being too far away from home and my studies continuing to get more rigorous, I had to stop by my sophomore year of high school because my school did not have a team. I have resumed swimming, however I am not on the team as I do not feel that I am ready yet, so I have been training on my own time at the BU fit rec.
  • BU Fit Rec:here.
  • Music I have been playing music since I was in 3rd grade and I continute to play to this day, however I am looking into joining groups at BU so I can resume playing with a group. I had been playing with one of the best music programs in the country, that being the Bergenfield music department, which we are renound for as I have played at Carnegie Hall, Metlife stadium, and NJPACC with Bergenfield. I wish to continue my playing in the coming years with Boston U.
  • Bergenfield High School Marching Band:here.