Kevin Shah

Kevin Shah, Class of 2020, Finance and MIS

Short Bio

Hello! My name is Kevin Shah and I am a junior studying Finance and MIS at Boston University. Originally I grew up in Queens, New york; however, now I reside in Closter, NJ. After completing high school in a quiet, suburban neighborhood, I chose to study at BU because of the diversity, culture, and fast-paced environment.

Activities and Interests

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Tennis Tennis was the first sport I was introduced too. It has been my favorite sport over the last 10 years and I have played for my varsity high school team. Rafael Nadal is my favorite player. ATP Web Page.
Basketball I really love to watch basketball as well as play in my free-time. I started watching Basketball around the age of 8, and my favorite team is the Boston Celtics and GS Warriors. NBA.
Skiing My last interest is I love to ski. i have joined my highschool ski club for all four years. I have only taken one lesson, and from there on I have learned to ski on black diamonds by simply practicing every season. Killington Resort.