Laura Greige

Boston University
School of Arts & Sciences
Computer Science Department
111 Cummington Mall
I'm a PhD student in Computer Science at Boston University working under the supervision of Prof. Peter Chin. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from Sorbonne Université (Paris VI). My primary research interest lies in the area of artificial intelligence, more specifically, in the study of strategic decision making in machines using computational tools such as reinforcement learning and game theory. My CV is available here.


Experience Sharing in Multi-Agent FlipIt Security Game
Current Work
Laura Greige, Peter Chin
Collusion Detection in Team-Based Multiplayer Games
Under Submission
Laura Greige, Fernando de Mesentier Silva, Meredith Trotter, Chris Lawence, Peter Chin, Dilip Varadarajan
Deep Q-Learning for Partially Observable FlipIt Security Game
Under Submission
Laura Greige, Peter Chin

Patents and Patent Applications

US Patent Application 17/302,837, Detecting Collusion in Online Games
Inventors: Laura Greige, Meredith Trotter, Fernando de Mesentier Silva, Sundeep Narravula, Navid Aghdaie

Internship Experience

Electronic Arts, Redwood City, CA
May 2021 – Present
AI Engineer Intern
Electronic Arts, Redwood City, CA
May – Aug 2020
AI Scientist Intern
Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique (ISIR), Paris, France
Feb – Jul 2017
Research Intern
Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris 6 (LIP6), Paris, France
Jun – Jul 2016
Summer Research Intern