Anthea Yichen Li

I am a researcher at the Boston University Shape Lab run by Professor Emily Whiting . I take a special interest in Adaptive Machine Learning, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. My current research concerns with geometry processing and Augmented Reality. Apart from research, I am also a foodie, a good cook, and an avid traveler. Feel free to reach out.

Current Research Projects

Open Vocabulary Phrase Detection

Please check out the Arxiv version of this project

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Career Experiences

Shape Lab

Program in Unity3d and Java to create user-interative geometry processing and physical property analysis Use ARKit and Google Tango to achieve real-time 3d model auto-recognition and visualizations Create mobile apps in Swift and Android Studio for iOS and Android platforms


BU Spark!

Developed the Diet, News Feed, and Catalog functionalities and a dynamically generated graph in Java/Android Studio Collaborate in a team of five to build an app for the Health and Fitness company Global Joy Held weekly meetings with clients and designed new development strategies to satisfy new customer needs in an agile development environment Currently working on a machine learning supply demand matching algorithm in a team of three to optimize the matching between health coach and customer

May 2018
Android Developer


Performed Financial Analysis on Quarterly, Monthly, and weekly sales data with respect to time, location, SKUS, launches, and seasonal factors to provide insights for the sales and retail team of the company Created presentations for the monthly finance and sales meeting focusing on different brand pillars to guide future marketing and retail efforts Analyzed the macro market and the seasonal product trends with the historical data provided to strategize for future marketing, branding, and product innovation efforts

Aug. 2017
Corporate Finance Intern

My Skills