My name is Ye Li (李烨). I am a fifth year Ph.D. student here at CS department of BU. My research focuses on Operating System design and implementation, Embedded Systems and anything related to low level C and Assembly programming:-) I am currently part of the System Group and under the supervision of Prof. Richard West.

  • Quest-V

    A virtualized separation kernel that offers efficient spatial and temporal isolation for mixed criticality systems on multi-core platforms.

  • Quest Operating System

    Quest is an Operating System here we developed at BU. The project was initiated by Richard West and Gary Wong and now maintained by Richard, Matthew, Eric and me. You can know more about Quest from its official website and the Github repository.

  • Quest on Galileo

    I am currently also working on porting Quest to Intel Galileo board with Zhuoqun Cheng. This mostly involves adding multiboot kernel support back into the Intel Clanton GRUB legacy for EFI. Some changes to Quest kernel are also necessary for Galileo specific devices.

  • A Lane Tracking Subsystem for RacerX

    This is a project serves both as the driving application for Quest Operating System and partially as the course project of CS585 Imange Video Computing.

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  • Ye Li, Richard West, Eric Missimer, The Quest-V Separation Kernel for Mixed Criticality Systems, in Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems (WMC) at the 34th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS 2013), Vancouver, Canada, December 2013.[PDF]
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I spend most of my spare time listening to classical music and reading. As a loyal audience of Boston Symphony Orchestra, I attend the concert in Symphony Hall whenever I have time. I do like sports, but can rarely play any of them myself these days... I will follow the Premier League and especially Liverpool if it is not always in the morning or afternoon in Boston and so ended up watching some of the Celtics and Red Sox games quite often. I do not have money for fancy cars but still like TopGear quite a lot:-)